Based out of beautiful San Luis Obispo, pARTy workshops teach hundreds of students across the Central Coast from Ventura to Monterey.

We offer classes in:
-Acrylic Painting
-Watercolor Painting
-Wine Glass Painting with Enamels
-Wine Bottle Painting with Enamels
-Card Making and Paper Crafts
-Kids Painting Classes
-Kids Crafts
-Personalized Projects

And More!

There are two ways to join the pARTy:

1) Attend a Scheduled Workshop:

Workshops are offered at tasting rooms, restaurants, community centers and more. Check our upcoming events page for an event near you!

2) Bring the pARTy2U:

You pick the locale, such as your home, office, school, or other suitable venue and we bring the pARTy2U! You get to choose any painting or project from our Gallery of Paintings and Projects, and then we bring all the art supplies and the expertise!


No matter how you join the pARTy no prior art experience is required! Beginners are encouraged! Students are guided every step of the way on how to re-create the featured project.

We believe in learning by doing! We always nurture and support individual creativity. Every piece created with pARTy will be 100% the student's own work. You will finish each workshop with your completed project, which is yours to keep and show off! Most students come to pARTy with no prior art experience and leave pleasantly surprised with their creations!

Artist/Instructor Skye has a practical, positive and upbeat teaching style, perfect for beginners. More advanced students are welcome to attend any class, and can stray from the featured theme if they wish. Creativity is always welcome!

Our mission is to bring the joy of creative expression to people who were too afraid to try before. We want to create a clearly guided, welcoming and supportive creative environment to every single student where they can relax and grow artistically.

So what are you waiting for?

-Skye Ravy
CEO and Head Creative
pARTy Painting and Craft Workshops

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